This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798

Configure the data
exchange in the CIS
and CSS, to set-up
security on these and
to monitor technical
readiness during Trial
Trial owner
Technical coordinator
Solution providers


What this tool
is for

The admin tool is necessary to configure the Kafka layers of the CIS and CSS and the CIS-CSS gateways and to configure all adapters used by solutions, legacy system, simulators, trial management tool, observer support tool and after action review tool to connect to the CIS or CSS. When performing tests and during execution of a trial, the admin tool provides an interface to monitor whether all components are well connected, to specify the types of messages being used and to collect all errors and warnings. When all lights are green in the admin tool’s user-interface, all components are well connected.

Additionally, via the admin tool, you can secure the infrastructure, by creating certificates. These certificates will assure that only the certified solutions, systems, simulators and components can access only the for them applicable Kafka layers within the CIS and CSS. Adding of security certificates is especially important in case an online technical infrastructure is used, for example when assessing web-based solution, or when the IT-network of the hosting platform is vulnerable to external parties listening in to the trial.

The Admin tool provides pre-defined configuration defining a set of solutions, layers and gateways that can be selected. It also offers the possibility to enable/disable security for the testbed so that only authorized solutions can connect.