This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798

You want to find a solution that bridges your gap. And you want valid data to back up your findings. That´s why you have done all the preparation steps. Now you have to execute the trial – and make sure you capture that data!

The first milestone in this phase is the trial integration meeting (TIM). For the first time, practitioners, solution providers and test-bed people will meet at the TIM. The aim of the meeting is to get aligned, hence it is not only technical, it is a real trial integration meeting.

After that, there are two dry runs in which you can test the technical set-up and iterate your scenario in order to refine it. Use your rehearsals also to test your data collection. Actually, this is the most important part. Make sure all data can be collected, through the test-bed technical infrastructure, through solutions, through observations or by asking the players in a structured way. If you don’t do this, all the efforts put in the preparation phase will get lost.

The grand finale is the trial itself. Here you have to collect all the data you need in order to be able to decide objectively whether a solution can bridge your gap. Maybe they only partly bridge the gap, maybe not at all or maybe more than just the identified gap will be bridged. In any case you will be able to provide some evidence - do not forget to enjoy and celebrate the event!