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To make sure the gained
knowledge is sustained
2 Days
Trial owner (lead)
practitioner coordinator

In a nutshell

What this step
is about

At the end of the trial you want to create something sustainable. Therefore spread the word: Let people know what you learnt. About your gaps and how to bridge them but also about trials. Furthermore: Write down what lessons you learnt with regards to trials etc. - for conducting trials, for crisis management, for your organisation etc.

In depth

All you need to know
about this step

Do some good and talk about it! A lot of people were involved in preparing and conducting the trial. The evaluation on the other hand was most likely done only by a few people. So now go ahead and let all the others know what you found out. What was it that they contributed to? Did it help that they spent their time working on it? 

You could organise a meeting to talk about the results with your practitioners and discuss a way forward - in the end you still have your gap but now maybe also a solution. Include the outside world. crisis management is a local, a European and also global task. So share your knowledge and inspire others (who might also have that same or a similar gap). Here you can update the lessons learnt library, the DRIVER+ knowledge base and also the portfolio of solutions.

Your solution providers are very important. Let them know what you think of their “products”- they will be very thankful for any bit of information that helps them to go forward in their development! And don’t forget about researchers. Sitting in an ivory tower is not nice, so help them in see the real world!


Meeting, social media, website,
newspaper article, conferences,
societal impact assessment,
research ethics





Tweets, newspaper article,
website content, journal paper,
updated lessons learnt library etc.

  • Lessons Learnt Library filled in
  • Knowledge base updated
  • Portfolio of Solutions updated
  • Internal documentation done
  • Internal dissemination done
  • External documentation done
  • External dissemination done
  • Consider legal restrictions or limitations with regards to the solutions when you communicate results. Always interpret and consider the evaluation results in the trial context.